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The main purpose of the website digitalbevaring.dk is to create a forum for knowledge exchange on digital preservation and digitization. On the website we publish articles on different aspects of digitization and digital preservation, as well as links to Danish and international publications, events etc. of relevance to our readers. The website contains descriptions of tools that may be used for various digitization and preservation processes and references to Danish and international initiatives related to this.

We write in Danish and in accordance with Danish legislation.

Rights – text and images

Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 Denmark Digitalbevaring.dk is published under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 Denmark license

Attribution must be made to www.digitalbevaring.dk. Unless otherwise stated, illustrations have been created by Jørgen Stamp.


Download the illustrations (png) as a zipped file.  Currently 77 illustrations and 6 smaller icons, 23 MB.

The illustrations are copyright of digitalbevaring.dk and shared under a CC BY 2.5 Denmark licence (illustrations) https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.5/dk/deed.en_GB , and a CC0 1.0 licence (icons) https://creativecommons.org/about/cc0.

Target group

The primary target group is MLA-institutions (Museums, Libraries, and Archives) that work with digitazation and long-term preservation of digital material, but it is our hope that individuals and other institutions interested in the topic will also benefit from the information on the website.


It is our ambition to create a dynamic website and we aim to publish news, articles or events every week.


The Royal Danish Library, www.kb.dk
The Danish National Archives, www.sa.dk
The State and University Library, Denmark, www.statsbiblioteket.dk

Editorial office

The editorial office of this website consists of:

  • Eld Zierau, The Royal Library
  • Alex Thirifays, Danish National Archives
  • Jette G. Junge, The State and University Library

We draw upon experts from all three institutions to cover as many aspects of digitization and digital preservation as possible.


Digitalbevaring.dk was launched in November 2010, and is continuously extended with more articles, new links, news etc.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us at kontakt@digitalbevaring.dk if you have comments, praise or complaints about the contents or functionality of the website.

It’s only guidance

This website has been made as a guide with general descriptions of certain problems and situations that may be considered or occur in connection with digitization or preservation of digital material.

Both digitization and preservation of digital material are complex issues and this website should only be considered an introduction to the subject. Digitalbevaring.dk can therefore not replace professional advice in connection with concrete preservation projects.